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The Best Polarized Sunglasses for Fishing
Author: Chris Cliff - Washington Fishing Guy
Website: http://www.fishingwithcliff.com/
Added: Sun, 12 Aug 2012 20:59:53 -0400
Category: Fishing Gear Articles
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Let me start by saying that there is no one 'best polarized sunglasses for fishing'. Disappointing I know, but there are too many factors to pin it down to one and the factors are too personal. It would be like asking what is the perfect girlfriend. Tastes and fit vary, and so it is with sunglasses.

What we can do though is go over what features make a pair of polarized sunglasses perfect for you to take fishing. From there, you can decide which to buy.

Why you should always wear sunglasses fishing.

The first is so you can see the fish. Polarized sunglasses cut the glare and let you see down into the water. This is critical for sight fishing, and helpful just about all of the time! Netting salmon is way easier when you can see them coming.

Second is UV protection. Just like your skin, your eyes can get sunburned and staring at the shimmering water all day is a great way to bake your eyeballs! Trust me, sunburned eyes is no fun at all and looks pretty scary.

Lastly is eye safety! When we go fishing we are playing with lures that have surgically sharp hooks and barbs. These are things you do not want in your eyes. If you want to be creeped out Google 'fishhook in eye' and see what you get. There is no good way to remove a fishhook from the eye and it is an injury that stays with you your whole life.

Good quality lenses make all the difference!

The variation in lens and polarization qualities varies greatly among fishing sunglasses. Low end glasses have cheap lenses with a thin polarized coating. Higher end glasses have better impact resistant lenses with high quality polarization. The difference being how well they do their job! In my experience, cheap polarized fishing sunglasses are little better than unpolarized. So go with the best quality that you can afford!

Consider lens color for when/where you fish!

Polarized sunglasses for fishing come in a variety of lens colors and it isn't all for looks. Browns and greens cut brightness but preserve the trueness of color. Yellows improve contrast. Blue lenses are best for bright light like open water fishing on sunny days.

The decision you need to make is what conditions you will be fishing in and purchase sunglasses for that purpose. If you fish in a variety of situations, you may want to consider sunglasses with interchangeable lenses!

Fit is also important.

If your sunglasses don't fit, there is a tendency for them not to get worn and they don't do you any good if they aren't on your face! You will need to try on a few pairs to see if you are a small, medium or large and purchase accordingly. Too small and they will pinch and be uncomfortable. Too large and they will be falling off constantly.

With this information you can now go out and choose the perfect polarized sunglasses for fishing for you! It is a personal choice and one no one else can make for you. Do some looking and be sure to get good quality lenses in a frame that fits your face!

Like to find out more about fishing? Fishing with Cliff is a fishing blog based in the Seattle area and we aren't always successful on the water, but we have fun fishing and that is what counts!

Drop on by, say hi and check out some our posts. You may have some fun, may learn a few things and at the least you can have a laugh at our expense!

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About the Author:
Cliff fishes the waters of Western Washington for everything he can, when he can. Favorite species include Trout, Salmon and Bass!

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